Wellness Center FAQs

+ What is the Electric Boat Family Wellness Center?

The EB Family Wellness Center provides employees and their eligible dependents convenient access to comprehensive healthcare and wellness services. The Wellness Center is focused on primary and preventive care and is the latest addition to the EB Family Pharmacy, Ascent Hearing, and the Dimensions Diabetes management program which are located at the Chicago Avenue facility. The Wellness Center is operated by Premise Health, the same organization that EB employees and families have known and trusted as their family pharmacist since 2007.

+ Who is Premise Health

Premise Health is the organization that operates the EB Family Pharmacy. They are one of the nation’s leading managers of worksite health centers and pharmacies.

+ Where is the Wellness Center located?

The Wellness Center is located on the second floor of 32 Chicago Avenue, Groton, CT, the same building as the Electric Boat Family Pharmacy and is handicap accessible.

+ What are the Wellness Center’s hours of operation?

Monday – Thursday, 7 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Friday, 6 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Saturday, 8 a.m. – 1 p.m.

+ Who is eligible to use the Electric Boat Family Wellness Center?

All eligible employees and dependents age 2+ enrolled in an Electric Boat medical plan are eligible to use the Wellness Center.

+ What types of healthcare services does the Wellness Center offer?

The Wellness Center offers a variety of services including primary care, physical therapy and acute care. For a full list, visit the services page.

+ Does the Wellness Center take my insurance?

Premise Health is considered an in-network medical provider under your EB health plan. As with any provider, copayments, co-insurance and deductibles may apply based on the services and the benefits you or an eligible family member receive.

+ Do I have to use the Electric Boat Family Wellness Center?

No, receiving care at the Electric Boat Family Wellness Center is completely voluntary. The choice is yours. You can continue to receive care in the community if you desire, but the Electric Boat Family Wellness Center is onsite as an option for your convenience. If you choose to receive primary care services at the Electric Boat Family Wellness Center but need a referral to a specialist, the onsite team can help connect you to the appropriate specialist for your health plan.

+ I currently have a Primary Care Provider (PCP). Can my medical records be shared between the Wellness Center and my PCP?

You can request that your PCP share your records with the Wellness Center by completing your provider’s record sharing process. Additionally, you may request your records from Premise Health be shared with your PCP or specialist.

+ Is the Wellness Center operated by Electric Boat employees?

No. The Wellness Center is staffed and operated by Premise Health. Premise Health manages the Wellness Center just as any licensed medical office in the community.

+ What type of medical staff works at the Wellness Center?

Premise Health has recruited a high-quality team of dedicated healthcare professionals to staff and manage the Wellness Center. The team includes a physician, nurse practitioner, registered nurses, physical therapists, a center manager and other support staff.

+ Will my health data be secure? Will anyone at Electric Boat have access to my personal health information?

Your personal health information will remain confidential and your data will be kept secure. The Wellness Center will operate in accordance with HIPAA and will work diligently to protect all health records. Premise Health can’t share any personal health information without your permission. Your personal health information will not be shared with Electric Boat. Notice of privacy practices are available for review within the Wellness Center.

No. All initial reports of work-related illness or injury must be reported to the EB Yard Hospital. The EB Yard Hospital will continue to manage the company’s occupational health program. The Wellness Center is available to provide follow-up care for your illness or injury.

+ Is there a fee for services at the Wellness Center?

Yes, with the exception of the preventive services under EB’s medical plans that are provided at no cost. Acute services are $45 a visit and physical therapy services are $25 a visit. The Wellness Center is another choice you have when it comes to receiving in-network healthcare. If you have any questions about UnitedHealthcare coverage, please contact EB’s onsite UnitedHealthcare Benefits Adv-cate, Alicia Kelley, at 860-433-6552.

+ I’m receiving an EOB (Explanation of Benefits) for Wellness Center services. Is this a bill?

This is not a bill. This is from your insurance company showing how the visit was processed. If any additional money is owed, a statement will be sent by the Wellness Center with payment options provided.

+ How can I pay for my visit?

If any payment is due, you will receive a statement which is payable via the patient portal, through the mail, or in person via credit, debit, or HSA card.

+ What services apply to my deductible?

Services that are non-preventive care and non-occupational health will apply to your deductible. For example, sick visits, non-work related injuries, and labs, will be billed to insurance and applied to your deductible.

+ Can I go to my appointment at the Wellness Center on company time?

No. A shop order will not be provided for any appointment at the Wellness Center. Just like a visit with any other medical provider, you will need to clock out to attend your appointment and notify your supervisor.

+ How can I make an appointment at the Wellness Center?

You can make personal medical appointments in a variety of ways:

  • You can call 860-629-8272 or visit during regular operating hours to make an appointment.
  • You can also visit your online patient portal, My Premise Health, where you can make your appointments via your computer, phone or tablet. Visit mypremisehealth.com once you have an active account.

+ What is My Premise Health and how can I register?

My Premise Health is your new member portal for personal medical care. My Premise Health is a secure online and mobile tool that will put your health information in your hands. Visit the member portal page to learn more about what My Premise Health can do for you and how to register.